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How Can We Help?

We have industry experts for the following categories, and more.


Let our specialists assist you with your estate planning needs by helping you put into place a Revocable Living Trust, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, Directives to Physicians, Guardianship Designation, and pour-over will. We are here to make sure all your assets are transferred smoothly as possible to your loved ones or an entity of your choice.


Let our specialists help with your retirement planning needs by utilizing protected accounts and true diversification which is different asset classes vs different paper assets stocks bonds mutual funds etc. We consult with you to learn about what you envision for your legacy, and your future.  We want our partnership to be tailored to meet your personal, ever-changing needs.


WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED! Our Health Insurance department specializes in a little-known option that gives employees a separate medical insurance card with zero copays, whether they are on the company's main plan or not. The employees and the employer receives a significant tax break by opting into this plan, resulting in a net gain on the employee's paycheck and the employer's payroll expenses

Do you want to eliminate your workman's comp? Ask us how. Would you like to eliminate payroll processing fees? Ask us how

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What To Expect

1st Step

First, a member of our team will conduct a comprehensive consultation to determine each client's situation and determine if we can help a prospective client with our services. We will share in detail what solutions we may be able to provide.

2nd Step

Second, one of our team members will collect pertinent information to prepare proposals for either retirement options or estate planning proposals.

3rd Step

Third, a member of our team will conduct a presentation of proposals and determining timing to begin the implementation of either plan presented.

4th Step

Fourth, there will be constant communication with the Maverick team, keeping clients in real time where they are in the process until fully implemented.

5th Step

Finally, our client will experience a minimum of an annual review to update all suitability and retirement or estate plans implemented.  Complimentary consultations available all year upon request.

Wha to expect
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