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About Us

Mission Statement: Safety First, Reasonable rate of return and Simplicity

Maverick Advantage Solutions strives to achieve 3 primary objectives for its clients: 
Safety First! Minimize or eliminate risk. Reasonable rate of return! We have to beat inflation at a minimum.
Simplicity. Our clients should have a confident understanding of what they are invested in and how it works.

About us

Meet Our Team

The Team
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Ashton Closner

Ashton Closner, the founder of Maverick Advantage, he is the son of John James Closner III Major General in US Air Force Reserve Ret Chief, and Angela Closner 6" Blonde  British horse jumping, Bi-Plane flying mother.  Ashton played collegiate Basketball for ETBU in Marshall Texas and became a USPTA Tennis professional after college, managing a Country Club and restaurant.  Before owning his IT companies, Ashton invested in single-family real estate as rentals as well as bought and flipped properties as investments.  Multifamily investing is one area he encourages for certain clients.   Ashton sold his companies in the IT sector in 2014.  While interviewing different organizations to invest with he kept coming up with the same canned responses and solutions but none of them provided the solution he was looking for, so he began to do his own research.  After 2 years of reading and trial and error, he put together a simple strategy that most anyone could follow with minimal help from an advisor or agency.  This simple approach was received with appreciation when shared with friends and family.  After contracting with a nationwide Trust service company and learning what they did very well and what they did not, Maverick Advantage Solutions was born on January 1st, 2020.  Maverick looks forward to helping anyone who aligns with our approach, but especially our front-line friends who work in Education, Law enforcement, or Medical fields.  The middle class is who have been left to figure out retirement on their own and they deserve the most help for their sacrifice.

Niambi Carriere 

Niambi Carriere (pronounced NEE-awm-bee Kar-ree-air) graduated from Texas State University (Southwest Texas State University) with a degree in interior design. While in the healthcare design industry, she worked on projects from doctor's offices to hospitals. In addition, Niambi had the opportunity to transition into corporate interior design and fulfilled her design role by working with oil and gas companies that are known worldwide, all while becoming a certified interior designer within the state of Texas. When there was a downturn in the economy, she transitioned to becoming a certified educator and has over 15 years of experience in and out of the classroom in different capacities as she raised her children. Niambi was introduced to Ashton in a mentorship program and has gleaned knowledge and wisdom on estate planning. Niambi joined the Maverick Advantage Team to add value to the team and our clients through her administrative skills.

Garreth Juays

Garreth Juays has a unique background in that he was born in South Africa and came to the US at the age of 12 with his parents.  Garreth's first job was working with Ashton Closner in his Telecommunications company and stayed until he went into his first career becoming an EMT Firefighter.  Garreth is truly a client-first-serve his community and fellow man type of person, we all wish there were more in the world.  Ashton asked Garreth if he would like to venture into this Maverick Advantage journey and Garreth luckily agreed.  Garreth owns a trucking company while still working with Maverick Advantage Solutions.  Garreth's personal background in business is only an asset to his advising clients on retirement-related questions.

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